A Unix diary

A few years ago I decided to abandon Windows after having seen how much more versatile the Unix development model is. People seem to struggle less with inadequate tools, and given the philosophy of openness and freedom, the best tools are widely available at no cost.

I knew this would be hard for me, I’m a creature of habit, so I’ve spent the past couple of years using Emacs and Unix command-line tools on Windows to ease the transition to a Visual Studio-free environment.

So about a month ago I bought a new desktop machine, now standing in my basement, and installed FreeBSD 10.1. I chose BSD because it seems to be a more strongly curated Unix than the various Linux distros, for example, and with a generally likeable user community.

I thought I’d write a couple of short posts detailing things I’ve learned about the setup and configuration for posterity. That’s also why I’ve fallen back to English, hopefully these posts can help other Windows-BSD converts get started, even outside of Sweden :-)



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