The old new thing

I’ve now copied my old content over (manually) from the blog formerly known as Sugar Rush. I used a pretty nice blog engine called Thingamablog, that saved posts in an offline database, and could generate a full static HTML web-site on demand.

I loved that concept from the get-go, because my web-site is Linux-hosted, and only serves static content. Plus, I used to think that offline editing was far superior to the online writing experience.

After we moved, I haven’t had access to my main machine much; it’s not connected to the Internet, so I’ve been unable to publish any content. That hasn’t exactly inspired me to write any content.

I took a step back, realized that GMail gives me a great online editing experience, and started to look at the various hosted blog engines. WordPress turned out to be the most forthcoming in its abilities to export my content should I ever want to, so that’s what I chose.

Welcome back!