Hard to get good help these days

… but we got lucky. My mother-in-law is down for the day to help us out with Klara. They’re currently out walking.

For me, that means being able to sit around shamelessly and scratch my belly, read blogs, and write something of my own.

This time, a cry for help — I’m using Firefox almost exclusively, and there’s but one annoyance I found so far: there’s a toolbar called Kim’s favorites which is entirely empty.

Firefox window with annoying Kim's favorites toolbar

I remove it whenever I start Firefox up, but it keeps coming back when the browser is restarted.

I know I’m pushing my luck, running as non-admin, but I don’t see how this could be a global setting. I’ve tried Regmon and Filemon, but haven’t seen anything suspicious-looking. I have tried to launch Firefox as administrator (no Administrator’s favorites toolbar in sight for some reason) and with my own user as part of the admin group (same behavior as when I’m not admin).

I’m at wit’s end. Running Firefox v. Hating the toolbar. Help!

This ought to demonstrate whether I have any useful readers.

UPDATE: It’s interesting to note that once I took the time to write this down, the damned toolbar has suddenly decided to disappear completely. This probably had something to do with my administrative experiments, but I’ll never know what. Not that I care much — the problem is solved!