Dear diary

I admit the last month has been quiet. But that’s OK, I’m fairly sure nobody is reading.

I try to pretend the reason I don’t have any time for writing is I’ve taken on too much to do.

This weekend we arranged the Swedish national championship of Wushu in Malmö. It was a hell of a lot of work, but I think it worked out. I was especially impressed by the guys from Renyi Wushu, they showed a broad range of techniques from traditional weapons to modern Changquan.

Now that that trouble is off my mind, I need to start thinking about my Øredev talk with Jonas. I think we have some good ideas for a presentation, but we definitely need to get going with producing the actual material.

Finally, I’m preoccupied with learning to drive. I think I’m just about getting it, but I need to practice some more before I try for a license.

Reading tip for this period: Ian McEwan’s Saturday. Excellent.

I think I have decided not to take on any more non-profit work for a while. I have private software problems to think about.



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